Wednesday, 15 April 2009

They are off today...

and I know my father will miss my brother even more than I will. It has been an extraordinary Easter this year. We added a day yesterday and went up to the Barossa Valley as some of them wanted to go to a winery or two. This is not Dad's thing at all and he was appalled by the price that his grandson's wife's father is prepared to pay for a bottle or two. It makes me glad I am allergic - saves money for books. Books do not put on weight - except on the shelves - and they last.
We stopped at Maggie Beer's as well...interesting enough but very commercial. I think most of us can cook every bit as well as Maggie Beer anyway. Certainly Linda and I decided we could make fruit paste for less than was being charged.
Going on to another winery however we did get a couple of cheese platters for lunch - with rainwater to drink - lovely! The winery staff are conscious of the drink-driving problem. Their outdoor area was lovely. There were several very simple picnic tables on the grass as well as some wonderful trees and a garden that somebody obviously cares for. It was also gloriously quiet, cool and restful - after all the tearing around it was almost overwhelming.
Despite that and the pleasant light meal in the Italian restaurant in the local shopping centre last night I am looking forward to more fruit and vegetables today - both have been in short supply with the sort of eating out we have done over the last few days.

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