Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Iwas minding my own business

in the Post Office yesterday when it became clear that the elderly Greek couple at the counter did not understand what the assistant was trying to tell them - namely, when filling out the form put one letter in each square.
Being the sort of person who cannot leave such situations alone I stepped out of my place in the queue and offered to help. I do not speak Greek. I do however know the Greek word for "one" and the first few letters of the alphabet so I told them "enna" and "alpha, beta..." - and yes, suddenly they understood and we all felt better about it.
I went to re-enter my place in the queue with the approval of those behind me only to be told by another assistant in the PO to "Get to the back of the queue!" So much for help being appreciated by the staff.
I was still so annoyed that when I went into the doctor to get my 'flu vaccination a little later my BP was still up. At least Tony was not annoyed by the article about cholesterol I handed over to him. Unlike so many doctors of my acquaintance he does not presume prior knowledge or assume that you know nothing. He asks. He listens and, so far, we have managed to rub along very well.
When I arrived home I discovered that Sam had not turned up to see Dad as he was supposed to. Last week he slept in. I reminded him of the visit on Saturday. I think his mother is embarrassed. I am wondering if we will hear from Sam.
Talking to my literary knitter friend Margaret on the 'phone last night we exchanged some ideas for reading matter - always good. I have to try and find a copy of "The Zookeeper's War". As a good many other people will be queuing up for the sequel to the DaVinci code instead the library should have it.

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