Monday, 13 April 2009

I have never seen so much rubbish

in one place - except perhaps for an actual rubbish dump. I would have much preferred to head for the Maritime Museum with the rest of the crew but did the right thing and headed off to the Fisherman's Market shed at the Port instead. The reason for the side excursion was to find Melissa who runs a stall there. Having walked the length of the wharf shed twice I found her upstairs. She seemed pleased to see me but, having done my duty, I headed out into the sunshine to see if I could find any more 'mosaic' seats.
Ruth and I had discovered one outside the museum while waiting for the others to finish photographing our grandfather's shop (now a Chinese restaurant rather than a tailoring business). The seat has a mosaic of a (you guessed it) mermaid and little quotes from the museum scratched in around the edge. From my era there is this "in the 50's the Port was dust, cement and corrugated iron".
It was also a lot of other things. It was the fishing boats where Grandpa picked up the fish for lunch. He knew most of the men and they treated him with deference. I realise now that some of them would have been living in houses his mother had owned and rented out at minimal rates for struggling families. The church has gone and the Jervois Swivel Bridge is no longer there. The causeway is not nearly as interesting to look at. The 'new' Birkenhead Bridge is now the 'old bridge'. We went past our old home and my grandparent's old home - both in excellent repair. My brother's old place has been modernised and the church next door to that is up for sale...a sign of the times.
We headed on down to the Marina as my neice-in-law's father is intensely interested in boats - the expensive sort. Our taste might run to a rowing boat on the inlet!
The Sydneysiders wanted a ride on the tram so we headed back and Dad gamely tried the tram and we went to Glenelg. Entertainment! There was a magician! Dad and Ben had to be prised away. We headed past the camel and pony rides and the mini-bungy jumps and went out to the end of jetty. There were quite a few people in the water along the beach but we did not even go paddling.
Today we head down south - Victor Harbor - and back through a couple of wineries. This will not be Dad's thing at all. I will knit, mindless knitting. It is the advantage of not being a driver, especially on Easter Monday.

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