Thursday, 16 April 2009

Jane's blog

on How Publishing Really Works is full of those tantalising little titbits of information and links to unlikely places.
Perhaps I should read more blogs - but that would mean less time for other things. It seems there are people who review books on their blogs. I could add a paragraph or two now and then but not on a regular basis. I do not set out to read the latest literature. My idea of a good read in bed last thing at night is a decently written crime yarn. I do not want to clutter my brain with award winning literature at that hour. I often fail to understand award winning literature. Perhaps this is because I am not very intelligent or it might, just might, be that the award winning literature is not always worthy of the award. If you are 'known name' then you are more likely to get the award than an unknown but, like Shakespeare and Dickens, it does not mean that every single word you wrote is outstandingly good.
Enough ranting....the government is denying (and thereby confirming) that they would like a double dissolution over the issue of the alcopops tax. This is, pure and simple, a tax. It has nothing at all to do with reducing alcohol consumption among the young. It simple collects money from the young - if they choose to drink pre-mixed, already over-priced too sweet drinks. Ugh!
I would support the alcopops tax if it included measures to ban alcohol advertising and severely restrict alcohol at all sporting events. Pink pigs will turn to purple elephants and fly before this happens.

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