Monday, 6 April 2009

Pluto wandered in and

made himself at home on the sofa yesterday. Like all cats he behaves as if this is his right, perhaps even his responsibility.
He did a circuit of inspection first. As a cat he can into places I don't like to think about. I was watching for cobwebs on his ears but perhaps he rubbed them off on his way out of a couple of tight spots.
The nap took place over the time we were eating lunch. If he had been either of our old cats he would have been sitting by Dad's feet waiting for a small piece of chicken cooked in soy sauce, ginger and garlic. Our cats were also fond of lamb and rosemary. Calypso did not care for yoghurt but Mishka liked plain or passionfruit flavour. He did not care for strawberry or raspberry.
I miss our cats even now. It has been nine years since we had a cat. I do not miss the responsibility but I miss the companionship and so does Dad. So, we make the most of Pluto. If he wants to sleep on the sofa he can.

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