Monday, 27 April 2009

I spent part of yesterday

clearing out some items in the shed at the back of the house. There is a 'garage' sale on Saturday. If anyone else is actually reading this (I doubt it but I do wish someone would pop up and tell me how dreadful it is) then read 'jumble' sale. For some reason Australians have gone with 'garage' - no doubt because they tend to hold them for their own benefit in their own garages or - more likely - carports.
For 'jumble' read 'junk' or 'things I would like to be rid of that might be useful to someone else and for which they might be foolish enough to pay good money for in the hope that they are getting a bargain'. We have too many things like that. I will desist listing them. If I do someone might realise how anxious I am to be rid of them and offer to take them for nothing. I would rather the communication group benefitted.
There are some things that just need to be quietly removed and laid to rest in the rubbish. My father tells me, "They might be useful one day!" They might. We have not used them for the entire 25 years he has lived in this house and, sometimes for years before that.
Whatever we do with these things it is strange to be standing there in the shed. It is raining and the shed has a galvanised iron roof. Rain music is different in the shed.

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