Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Before the invasion

it is quiet, very quiet. I was joined at the clothesline by Pluto.
We have grapevines at the back which form a cool canopy in the summer. By this time of the year the leaves are dropping and sticky dead grapes fall to the ground and get tracked inside by all two footed animals. The four footed one decided to 'help'. He spent some time patting these to the ground and looking at me as if wanting my approval. I told him it was fine with me and that someone would sweep up the mess. After all, he was just hurrying the inevitable on a little.
He stayed long enough to bat a few leaves into the garden and demand payment from me.
The children should be here about ten. I have given Pluto due warning.
Andrew Bolt had a shot at the 2020 Summit this morning. It might well have been a shot at any government inquiry. I have lost count of the number of submissions I have made, been required to make, been asked to make or wanted to make. Is it too cynical of me to believe that they are always a waste of time? The government wants to ditch Royal Commissions and just have inquiries. I have no doubt that this would suit all flavours of government. Inquiries can never have the same powers as Royal Commissions. Orders cannot be issued, individuals cannot be sent to prison from an inquiry. Those things have to come separately and rarely do. If governments had to follow the recommendations of inquiries they would never be able to implement policy. Some would say that might be a good thing.
Bolt is right. Rudd has ignored all the recommendations of the 2020 Summit. It was always going to be about adulation for Rudd. It was not about ideas. The 2020 bash had to be one of the most expensive standing ovations in history - and it needed a captive audience. Rudd is still high in the opinion polls but handing out monetary gifts is a sure fire way of ensuring popularity. He is still new enough to be able to blame the previous government and the global economic downturn for any financial and unemployment issues. It will only be after the damage is done that people will realise just how much harm he is causing.

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