Sunday, 26 April 2009

One of my nephews

turned up yesterday to go on working on the chopping board he is making for his friend's birthday. (His friend Girish cooks as a hobby. It calms him down after wrestling with the joys of being a student of economics.)
Yiani arrived about 11 am - early for him. My father finds it hard to understand. He assures me he never slept in late when he was a young adult. I refuse to believe him. He says he could not live with teenagers in the house. I pointed out that Yiani and Ilya are no longer teenagers and he said, rather grumpily, that he could not live in chaos.
I rather think we do live in chaos. Around his chair there are two different weekend newspapers, Choice magazine, the Linking Ring, a book on why people do not go to church, a book on energy saving house designs and Elizabeth George's "Careless in Red" which he has just found time to catch up with. If I am reading that variety at 86 I will be doing well.
I flipped through The Scots in Australia. It should have been interesting but there was too much emphasis on sport for my taste. Jane has added a useful list of book review sites to her How Publishing Really Works blog. I might explore those but I cannot afford to buy the books and the library seems to be depending more and more on remainders. The Council would do well to spend more on the library and less on temporary 'art'.

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